Choosing to live in a house with a river at the bottom of the garden was very concerning when it came to considering children. So I decided from very early on that any of my children must be confident around water and be able to swim as soon as they were physically able.

When Georgia, my eldest, was eight months old, I met a mum through a parent and baby group who was attending swimming lessons with her baby which involved putting babies underwater. Whilst it sounded very scary at the same time I was extremely intrigued. I therefore, decide to give it a whirl. The aim of this style of teaching was to encourage a natural swimming skill which promotes confidence, health and well-being within both parent and child. At the time this way of learning to swim was quite unique and it quickly progressed and developed Georgia’s natural ability in the water, building strength, stamina and agility. You may not be aware but every baby is born with the natural instinctive ability to hold their breath underwater “THE MAMMALIAN DIVING REFLEX”.

I was so inspired by what Georgia and her peers were achieving at such a young age, some were as little as 12 weeks old, that I decided to undertake the necessary teacher training to become a qualified swimming teacher so that I could bring this swimming method to Hertfordshire. (At the time lessons of this kind only seemed to be in the London area.)